I have been there

I know how it is to be overweight all your life.

I know how frustrating strict diets can be and you are hungry all the time.

Oh yes, I have 2 babies and my body completely changed after 2 c-sections.

Then there are those frustrating greetings that start with, “You look fat, Mavis”
I know how it feels to want to fit in your clothes and be comfortable in your own skin.

It sometimes seems impossible and hopeless but sis, that is why I developed this Own Your Body Fitness Program. I help gorgeous women, like you, to lose weight, get fit, enjoy the process and develop a sustainable lifestyle.

Change is possible

Here is what you will learn in this program

✅Make changes to your food portions, fill full and still lose weight.
✅Breastfeed exclusively and lose weight successfully
✅Develop a confident mindset and push limits.
✅Lose stubborn fat in the tummy, love handles, thighs and arms.
✅Eat all the food you like but still meet your goals.
✅Make working out a lifestyle in your busy schedule.
✅Build an hour glass shape and tone the body.
✅Enjoy the whole process to your transformation.

Sign up and let’s make your dream body a reality.

Registration closes on 28th May, 2021!

You can do it too.
With this solid program.
My support and a supportive community
Inside our private Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

What other gorgeous ladies are saying about this program!

At only K15,000 per month you will get

✅Meal plan
✅Weight Loss Workout Plan
✅Flat Tummy Workout Plan
✅Booty Builder Workout Plan
✅Video instructional guides
✅Daily motivation, support and tips
✅Game Plan that includes everything you need to know to achieve sustainable weight loss
✅Monthly Q and A live session on FB group
✅Monthly challenges to boost your progress
✅Access to the community on the FB group and WhatsApp
✅Access to the coach within working hours

Sign ups close on  28th May, 2021, so let’s get moving sis!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to lose weight on this program?

This totally depends on one’s commitment to the plan. My client’s can lose between 1 to 5 kgs per month. I advise you to focus on learning and enjoying the process and the weight falls off as a result. I do not want you to lose weight fast and then gain it all back in a few months. This is a healthy lifestyle building weight loss program, it is a short cut.

2. Can I eat carbs?

Yes and yes!!!! All food groups serve a purpose in the holistic health of a person. Cutting carbs is never a sustainable strategy, it leads to craving and low energy output that affects your daily physical and mental activities. You shall meet your goals whilst eating carbs too. 💃

3. Is the food on the meal plan available locally?

Yes. Part of building a sustainable lifestyle is making sure you eat what you can find and afford.

4. Can I breastfeed successfully and lose weight on this program?

Absolutely. There is no starvation allowed on this program, so milk production will not be compromised. You will eat healthy and be able to care for your little one’s nutritional needs.

5. Do I pay monthly?

Yes. This is a monthly subscription program, which means you pay every month to have access to the program and the groups. You joing and exit anytime, however, I recommend that you stick with the program for atleast 3 months to get most out of it.

I am so ready to work with you and watch you transform!

Sign ups close on 28th May, 2021, let’s get moving!