Being Stuck

I am a chartered accountant. For over 8 years, I worked in finance, education, banking and local government. At the peak of my career as Finance Manager in a
bank, I felt stuck and unhappy with the trajectory of my life.
In an effort to find meaning, I decided to my entrepreneurial ambitions.

The Process

Driven by faith in God and the desire to build a legacy of prosperity,
I pursued a childhood dream and founded Kanjadza Acres, a farm, where
I discovered that my capacity gaps in leadership and self-mastery.

The Vision

After dealing with the impact of personal development gaps in my business,
I started to teach others how to fast track their success by intentionally growing towards their goals.
Own Your Lane was born from that informal initiative.
We aim to equip every ambitious person with strategies that enable them to make bold changes, cultivate their gifts and find success that matters to them.




Strategic Mindset




Finance Management